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Unfortunately, due to the bastardisation of Chinese characters by the Communist Party, the term for 'rape' may be written the same way as 'dry'. In speech they sound subtly different, but In traditional text, they are noticeably different. Simplified chinese as endorsed by the rulers is actually worse than 'text speak', with the difference being it is actually endorsed by central government. Really it is wanton vandalism of history and culture by the Communist regime. This example is actually more sinister than you might think. The attitude of certain people in the is that China is now the world leader, and as such does not need to show any respect to other languages / cultures, English being the example disrepected here. It is not that they don't know what the word 'fuck' means or how offensive it is. Its use is in fact a deliberate two-fingered insult to English speakers behind a veil of pretend ignorance. As a Chinese person, I don't think this is funny, but rather sad. By the way, if you want to translate this dish literally, it would be Dry Fried Beef Ho Fun.

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